Sunday, June 10, 2012


I have read a book about England that spoken many things, who are the English, the big cities, the coast and contryside, days out, nights out, the deports that football an tennis or golf.

When it say about de English food always are eggs, bacom, sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms, baked and beans, all things of typical breakfast.
also the cup of tea with cakes and biscuits, sandwiches or firsh and chips.

Famous clother and shopping for the west wood, fashion wek in February, in London big center that harrods, Marks and Spencer, but  also you can go to the smaller shops, farm shops.

All the year round, in April boat race Oxfor-Cambridge, in March Gran National horse race, in May Chelsea Flower Show. At the Royal Show in July in Kenilworth animal. In London an the last sunday and monday in August Nottin Hill Carnival, min Isle of Wight in August festival of boat races.
England have big cities, London with tube, Palace Buckingham you can visit in August- September.
Birminghan is the biggest after London have Shymphony Orchestra, Art Gallery in Chamberlain with wonderfull paintings, shoppoing smal and big.
Liverpool stands by River Mersey, The Beatles in 1,960 tour, it is the home of the Gran National horse care. Nine million peoplesleft from Liverpool to America, The Cathedral St James Mount is 5º largest in the word.
Newcastle with The Angel of the North.
Oxford same Venice, Cambridge with Roman Baths, they have 39 colleges, King's college,.
In Bristol the Bridge Clifton Suspensión, beautiful bridge.

If you want to have a good holiday, you have to travel to England.

Have a great stay.


It is the most famous of nine doors of access of the Major Plaza of Madrid.
It is located in the corner southwest of the square.
The Arch Cutlers was built by Juan de Villanueva who after de fire of 1,790 closed the square with nine gateway with arcade.
The origin of the name of cutlers is because the sharpeners were in the street cutlers together with the butcher who were in the square.
Together with Cutlers Strip and Cava San Miguel Strep it is a tourist zone of Madrid, has many restaurant of lids and Spanish food, are a bit expensive but sight place.
Some bars that Mesón de la Tortilla, Las Cuevas de Luis Candelas, Mesón del Boquerón, Mesón del Jamón, Rincon de la Cava Baja, Mesón de la Guitarra and some others.
Restaurant Casa Botín is the oldest in the world.
The Tablao Flamenco Arco de Cuchilleros has show of flamenco, that in internet a lot write review say it is very good and chip.


This place know by "door" because in 12th century was a door of entry at city centre that a wall surrounded Madrid.
This door was oriented at east and when awoke the sun was shining very much.
Inside there are some interesting building that the old Post Office was building in 1,768.
Now is the office of President of Madrid.
This place has the kilometre 0 the Spain road system.
Is located in heart of Madrid, has many shops and near the sightseeing.
In front the Post Office has monument to King Charles that III, in the east the Madroño (strawberry), is a statue of tree and bear, representatif  coat of arms of Madrid.
Above the Post office, are the clock that on Chistmas the bell rings to eating of the twelve grapes and the begininning of a new year.
The Puerta del Sol is one of the busiest and nice wquare in Madrid.

Friday, June 1, 2012


Dear Sir,
In replay to your letter concerning our hotel, I can tell you that it has many facilities to serve you  for example five conference-room they can be capacity from thirty peoples to two hundred with arranged on diferents configuration in boardroom, classroom, theatre, circle of chairs so on.
We have equipment that flip chart, laptop, lectern, projector, microphones, photocopier, printer, digital projector, so on.
The hotel has access for the disabled in many parts of the building.
H.E. is opened every day except at easter and Christmas holiday, and from 15 of july to the first day of september.
This college has a travel agency too, where the students do training as Travel Agents. They help you with brouchures and book trips holiday.

Any further information don't hesitate contact me. I am available to answer your question,
I look forward to hearing from you

Your faithfully
FLORENCE:             City that you have visit

If you visit it, you see many sight, but we have to choose a few.
The Duomo Cathedral was planed in 1,296 is beautiful marble cover.
Ponte Vecchio, old bridge- medieval bridge- with gift store.
Galleria dell' Accademia in side is Michelangelo's David, the statue was created in 1,504.
There is a replica in front Palazzo Vecchio in Piazza della Signoria.
All Florence is a monument.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Agent:         Hello Sir good morning.
Customer:   Hi, good morning.
Agent:         Sit dow please.
Customer::   I would like to book a holiday
Agen:          Where would you like?
Customer:   A hot place please.
Agent:         Good, I have this brochure witch tree ofert. Mallorca, Tenerife or Marbella.
Customer:    I prefer Mallorca thanks
Agent:          Do you prefer a package holiday?
Customer:    Yes
Agent:         When would you like to travel. What day do you to depart and returned?
Customer:     In de nex month
Agent:          How long will you be staying?
Customer:     Two week. fortnight
Agent:           Who is travelling, how many peoples are traveling.
Customer:     Two adult and two childrens
Agent:           Could you tell me how old the child is? What time of day would you like to fly? I will see availavility. What king of room would you like? doble, twing, in suite. there are one adjoining room with balcony  room service, size bed , minibar, with splendid view over the river.
Customer      Well
Agent:             I will check what there are available. Yes  is posible to booking, In this hotel there are many facilities, swimming pool, safety  box, restaurant, caffee-bar, laundry housekeeping, bell-boy, concierge, beach, .
Agent:            The child has a discount of 15 % The offert including the flight, hotel and excursion and the airport transfer, shuttle.
Agent:           What meat plan do you prefer, full board you pay for the room and three meals, half board you pay for the room and breaksfast and one mell diner or lunch, or only room and breaksfast?
Customer:     OK you can to do the reservation.
Agent:           The book is made,  The price per nigch is 250 & , VAT including, The children ar a reduction   15% .
Agent:         How would you like to pay?
Customer:  By credit card thanks,
Agent:         Could you give me your credit card
Customer:    Here your are
Agent:          I will fill this form with your information.  Could I have your name please?
Agent:          Could you spell your surname please
Agent:          I swipe de card,  I have finished booking the packet, the reference number is.....
Agent:           here is your voucher., have a good destination.

Monday, April 16, 2012


Good morning - afternoon. everyone. Welcome to Hotel Escuela.
My name is Mario and I' ll be your guide for visit arround.
In H.E. you can study Formatic Cycles on Tourism and Catering.
The Bilding was built in 1,970 an in 1,990 it became a school with 67 rooms 6 conference rooms a restaurant and bar.
In the ground floor you can see on the right the front desk,  on the left a lounge and four lounge Guadarrama, Jarama, Henares and Guadalix.
On back are TV lounge and some computers and salon Manzanares with capacity for two hundred peoples.
On the firs and second floor there are single, double and adjoining room and two suits.
In the basement there is coffe-bar for breakfast and restaurant, there are two kitchens where the student does their training too, we will visit now.
H.E. is opened every day except at easter and Christmas holidays, and from 15 of july to the first day of september.
This center has a travel agency too, wuere the students has practics of a travel agencies.
They can help you with bouchures and book your holidays..
Thank for your visit.